THQ Nordic has announced an upcoming digital showcase that'll feature no less than six new game announcements.

The showcase arrives in celebration of the company's tenth anniversary and will air on 17th September at 12pm PST / 8pm BST/ 9pm CEST. The seemingly inescapable Geoff Keighley will be there to host the event, because of course, and THQ teases that the show will "take you on a journey through time and space." Hmm.

Here's what THQ Nordic has to say:

"Witness the return of legendary franchises, including some for which fans have been waiting decades to get their hands on a new installment, and you can also expect to see sequels to beloved games. We hope you are ready, kids!"

In addition to those six new announcements, THQ also plans to share new information for ELEX II and Expeditions: Rome, although neither of those titles have been announced for Switch. Indeed, it's not yet known how many – if any – of the six new reveals will be coming to Nintendo's platform, so we'll have to stay tuned.

Will you be watching the show? It'll air on YouTube and Twitch at the times mentioned above.