Update [Sat 18th Sep, 2021 17:45 BST]: Sega has now launched a website and released a teaser trailer for its "new RPG", which confirms it's a mobile game. More information including the title of this game will be revealed on 1st October during Sega's TGS2021 presentation.

Original article [Fri 17th Sep, 2021 02:45 BST]: The Tokyo Game Show kicks off later this month and it seems Sega could potentially have something very big to reveal during the Sega Atlus Channel Presentation.

According to the TGS2021 official website, Sega is planning to announce a brand new RPG. It's described as being "Sega's new RPG" and the reveal will take place on 1st October. The presentation will run for roughly one hour and it's believed this won't be an Atlus RPG.

There are only so many Sega RPG series out there - so if it is tied to the company's past RPG history perhaps it'll be a Phantasy Star announcement. We're sure many would like to see the return of Skies of Arcadia, too. Even the developer has mentioned how he would be interested in a sequel.

Sakura Wars is also celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, and its logo was previously spotted on the TGS website. What kind of RPG do you think Sega might be planning on revealing? Take a guess down below.

[source siliconera.com]