Skull Kid Puppet
Image: @miserable.beasts

Nintendo's colourful catalogue of cutesy characters is usually on the bright and cheery end of the scale, but there are a few oddities that you really wouldn't want to meet down a dark alley.

For many, The Legend of Zelda's Skull Kid is probably right up there on that list, and this fantastic effort from Miserable Beasts on Instagram goes a long way in proving why. A puppet maker based in Glasgow, Scotland, their account is full of all sorts of terrifying creations that'd spook even the boldest of us, but this Majora's Mask-inspired beauty has to be our favourite.

"Didn’t anticipate this becoming an installation in my home but there you go," they say. We'd never be able to sleep again.

Somehow it was even creepier when it was still being made.

You can check out more over on Instagram here if you're interested – another piece that'll likely grab your attention is this Wind Waker-inspired Link.

What a fantastically horrific creation. Hats off to you, Miserable Beasts!

Thanks to Sam for the tip!