Image: Nintendo

Metroid Dread is just weeks away from launching on Switch and everyone's getting a little too excited – okay, maybe not everyone, but we are so shush. It's probably pretty handy, then, that Nintendo's decided to drop a collection of gorgeous Metroid art for us to hoover up and use as we see fit.

Yes, in a Twitter thread today, Nintendo has shared the following key art images cataloguing Samus' journey so far, all leading up to Dread which launches next month. They're all at a high enough resolution to be suitable for all of your wallpaper needs, so go ahead and get them downloaded to show off your love for all things Metroid while you're out and about...


Remember, Metroid Dread launches on 8th October alongside the shiny new Nintendo Switch OLED. If you haven't got your pre-order in yet, you can do so here.