Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin is a rather good game, an excellent sequel in the spin-off series and a good jumping in point to the franchise for those that prefer RPGs to intense real-time hunts. Just like the mainline entries Capcom has also stayed busy with frequent free updates, in particular boosting the co-op side of the game. If it draws you in it's a title that can keep you busy for months.

Capcom has now released a flashy new trailer (above) for Update #4, which is rolling out in two phases. This week (30th September) we're getting a Molten Tigrex Monstie, a high difficulty co-op exclusive Kulve Taroth to hunt, and four new quests overall.

Then on 7th October we get a rather cool-looking Dreadking Rathalos Monstie along with an even bigger batch of 7 new quests, four of which are co-op.

In the current roadmap there is one more update due in October (likely late in the month), and overall the updates have done an excellent job of keeping the game ticking along.

Are you still dipping into Monster Hunter Stories 2 for the DLC updates? Let us know, as always, in the comments.