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Update #3: Infinity's continued success in its Kickstarter campaign has now led to a rather interesting new stretch goal, for an 'enhanced' Switch version (which would also come to Steam). If it reaches $350,000 Canadian Dollars (it's just over $300,000 at the time of writing) it'll make its way to Nintendo's current system.

In being enhanced, it won’t be a simple one-to-one port from the Game Boy Color to the Switch. We hope to be able to utilize the improved hardware of the Switch in order to offer a few small but important quality improvements, such as modern aspect ratios and improved audio.

Update #2: Infinity has hit all of its crowdfunding targets and will now be getting a special 'GBA enhanced' mode.

Here's what the developers had to say:

Thanks to the support of 2500 backers, Infinity is now 1,800% funded with $290,000CAD for an initial goal of $16,000CAD!

With all stretch goals achieved, several in-game still artworks will be added and the game will be GBA Enhanced.

This Enhanced mode is a feature where inserted in a Game Boy Advance, the game allows you to access more content.

The "GBA Enhanced" mode has only been used by 4 games on GBC so it will make Infinity part of those rare games with a GBA Enhanced mode!

Update #1 [Sat 28th Aug, 2021 09:10 BST]: The crowdfunding campaign stands at almost £140,000 at the time of writing, which means that legendary composer Yuzo Koshiro (Streets of Rage, Etrian Odyssey) will now be contributing music to the game - his first ever work on the Game Boy!

Original Story [Wed 11th Aug, 2021 04:55 BST]: Earlier this year, it was revealed development on the cancelled Game Boy Color title Infinity had been restarted.

The GBC project was originally developed by Affinix Software between 1999 and 2001 but unfortunately got axed due to publishing struggles and the launch of the Game Boy Advance.

An unfinished ROM appeared five years ago, alongside a soundtrack release, and now the game is getting a second shot on Kickstarter. In the latest update, indie publishers Incube8 Games and Retro Modding have confirmed the Kickstarter for the tactical RPG will launch next week on 18th August. The game will be available in physical and digital form.

Here's a bit about it, along with a look:

In Infinity, an ancient, nameless evil stirs beneath the earth, twisting the land and its people alike with its corrupting force. Two rival nations careen toward war, as shadowy figure arms them both with unholy weapons of immense power.

This epic tale frames a roleplaying game with a unique tactical battle system, a detailed world with over 50 explorable areas and more than 100 items, and beautiful 8-bit graphics — all to immerse you into the world of Infinity!

Infinity has been left incomplete for 20 years and this Kickstarter campaign will help complete and produce a physical cartridge release for the Game Boy Color.

And here are some of the features:

  • An Inventive tactical battle system
  • A detailed world with over 50 explorable areas
  • The option to alternate at any time between “Wait” and “Action” battle modes, with 4 different speeds
  • A rich and complex plot that goes above and beyond what you would expect from an 8-bit portable RPG
  • Around 20 hours of gameplay
  • 6 playable characters, each with their own specialties
  • An elaborate script with more than 3,000 lines of dialogue and 20,000 words (Longer than Final Fantasy II, and comparable to Dragon Warrior III)
  • Advanced graphical techniques that make the most of the humble Gameboy Color hardware
  • Ultra-customizable text window color gradient

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