The Pokémon Company has shared a quick teaser video for Pokémon Trading Card Game Live, a new app set to launch "soon".

Seemingly serving as a new take on Pokémon TGC Online, this new app will let players enjoy matches anywhere, anytime on mobile and desktop. The trailer shows off some of the customisation options, gameplay and additional features you can expect to see when it launches.

It's so far been confirmed that the app will be appearing on the App Store and Google Play for smartphones, and will also be playable on PC and Mac. Just last month, images shared by PokéBeach revealed that Pokémon Trading Card Game Live will also tie in with the real Trading Card Game, with new booster packs offering a code card that can be used in the new app.

Add to Your Collection
Compile an extensive card collection that you can use to build fun and exciting decks. Add new cards by scanning code cards, purchasing in-game booster packs, and participating in daily quests, among others.

Battle Trainers Everywhere
Pokémon TCG Live brings players together from all over the world to battle. It's launching in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese, so you'll always find a player ready to take you on!

Build Powerful Decks

You can easily put together incredible decks from your card collection. Innovate and create your next battle-ready deck!

Pokemon Trading Card Game Live

Are you excited to see how this new app will work? Do you play much TCG Online? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.