Launching today on Nintendo Switch is Don't Touch this Button!, a cheeky puzzle game from 9 Eyes Game Studio and Ratalaika Games.

A minimalist take on the puzzle genre that has us reminiscing over all of our favourite browser games from back in the day, Don't Touch this Button! has you exploring a series of rooms from a first-person perspective. The general idea is that you'll have to press a certain button in each room to progress, but figuring out which one will become more and more difficult.

You see, the game offers you hints that should theoretically help you to work out the answer to your current puzzle, but as we can see from the beginning of the trailer above, sometimes the hints will lie. So when do you trust what you're reading? Do you just guess, or can you see any patterns? It's all up to you to figure out.

- 3D movement and logic puzzles.
- First-person point of view
-Humorous writing style.
- Epic final boss battle.
- Big red buttons to press

It looks like it could be a cheap and cheerful way to pass the time with a rather tempting $4.99 / 4.99€ price point from launch.

Make sure to let us know if you give this one a go in the comments. Oh, and maybe share some hints while you're at it?