Publisher Degica Games and developers Alfa System and Cosmo Machia have confirmed that they will be releasing an updated version of the cult GameCube shoot ’em up Castle of Shikigami 2 on Switch in December.

The vertically-scrolling blaster first appeared in arcades in 2003 and was ported to the GameCube in October of the same year. PlayStation 2, Dreamcast, Xbox and PC ports followed in 2004. The third game in the series launched on Nintendo Wii.

This new version will feature a 'New Entry Mode' which showcases "revamped enemy placement in all stages, lots of changes that will surprise even the most experienced." It will also benefit from a new localised translation, as well as a 'Dramatic Change Mode', which sees the player switching between characters as they play.

Castle of Shikigami 2 is also coming to Steam.

Thanks to Greatsong for the tip!