The graphical overhaul of the upcoming Pokémon Diamond and Pearl remakes for Nintendo Switch has been a major talking point. The sprite work from the original games has been replaced with cute 3D graphics and well...not everyone is impressed. There have also been some criticisms about the quality of the visuals.

It was recently discovered in the Switch OLED trailer how the game's graphics had been tweaked - with more detail and a lower camera angle, and now during this week's Pokémon Presents, we've got a proper look at all of these improvements.

If you're still wondering just how different the latest trailer is from the original one (dating back to February this year) YouTube channel Game Bash has now shared the following video (see the 5:00 mark above). The new trailer footage is much brighter and features more detailed graphics and lighting effects. You can also pause on certain parts of the video to get a better look.

February trailer (left), August trailer (right)
Image: Game Bash / YouTube

So, what do you think? Are you impressed with the improvements on show in the latest trailer? Tell us down below.