Sonic Adventure 2 - Steam Edition (Nintendo Life IMG)
Image: Nintendo Life / SEGA

According to a story over on the fansite Sonic Stadium, Tony Harnell may be working on a new Sonic the Hedgehog song.

Harnell is an American rock singer - best known for his work with TNT and Skid Row. Sonic fans most commonly associate him with the songs 'It Doesn't Matter' and 'Escape from the City' (feat. Ted Poley) during the Sonic Adventure era, but he's also worked on many other Sonic games, too.

The latest link to the Sonic the Hedgehog series comes from Harnell's Instagram page. He took fan questions and one individual asked if he would ever work on a song for a Sonic game again. Rather than providing a simple "yes" or "no", he shared the following response (via Sonic Stadium), mentioning how he thinks he "kind of just did". Make of that what you will.

Image: via Sonic Stadium

Even if this isn't an official confirmation, it's exciting to see a response like this during Sonic's 30th anniversary year.

Sega has a brand new Sonic game due out in 2022, do you think Harnell could be involved? Leave your thoughts down below.