As part of today's Nintendo Indie World Showcase, we were treated to a welcome new look at Shovel Knight: Pocket Dungeon.

A falling block-style puzzler with a dungeon-crawling twist, Pocket Dungeon was first announced for Switch back in February 2020. At the time, it was expected to launch last autumn, but now – after one final development push – the game has secured a new winter 2021 release window.

Here's the latest trailer:

Game Features
● Enter a world of falling block puzzle games, with a dungeon-crawling twist! An all-new hybrid that’s never been seen before.
● Bump into enemies to battle them and trade damage in a unique combat system. Group foes together for massive chain attacks while grabbing keys, power-ups, and potions to refill your health!
● A bold new visual style complements a new story. Learn the ropes from your pal Puzzle Knight as you attempt to escape the mysterious Pocket Dungeon. Shovel Knight’s signature storytelling and humor are on full display!
● Take control of more than 10 of your favorite heroes from the Shovel Knight universe, each with a unique power and play style.
● Equip yourself on the fly with a treasure trove of items and equipment. Mix and match your loadout to prepare for any encounter.
● Play in a variety of ways with Story Mode, 2 player competitive Versus Mode, and much more.
● Another incomparable soundtrack in a new style by astonishing virtuoso Jake Kaufman!

Are you a Shovel Knight fan? Let us know if you're excited to check this one out later this year with a comment below.