Kirby Nintendo
Image: Nintendo

Next year brings Kirby's 30th Anniversary, so you won't get many prizes for predicting that there'll be some sort of new mainline game on Nintendo Switch - this writer's guess is a(nother) screen-by-screen remake of Kirby's Adventure with modern visuals, but that is only a guess. There'll probably be a nice logo and fun times will be had by all.

This week brought an amusing subplot, however, with eagle-eyed gamers on social media coming across an unpublished 'News' section of the official website that was packed with placeholder text, articles and 20th Anniversary art.

Kirby Wtf.JPG

Even better, whoever was experimenting with this part of the website was clearly a Franz Kafka fan, placing extended excerpts of text from the famous author into the temporary articles.


Needless to say Nintendo has now taken that section of the website down, but the Wayback Machine is your friend to still take a look.

As we mentioned at the top, it'll be no surprise if Nintendo has some 30th anniversary celebrations over the course of the next year - there also seem to be good odds that the website will get an overhaul, too.