Cloudtop Cruise
Image: Illogicoma

Modders are taking Microsoft Flight Simulator on PC and Xbox Series X|S to new heights with some Nintendo-themed creations. Twitter user 'Illogicoma' decided to recreate tracks from Mario Kart 8 such as Mount Wario, Cloudtop Cruise, Moo Moo Meadows and even Rainbow Road.

To get these tracks into Microsoft Flight Simulator, Illogicoma used the "Blender2MSFS add-on" and then exported them. While there's not quite the same level of interaction in this mod, pilots can still glide through rings around each course and put their skills to the test. You can see the full thing in action over on Illogicoma's YouTube channel.

The Flight Simulator community has already gone as far as adding helicopters to the game, and more recently pilots have been flying straight into Hurricane Ida. You can learn more about the Asobo developed title over on Pure Xbox.

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