Halloween 2017 Pokémon GO

Okay, so, setting aside the fact that Halloween is two months away, we have a bone to pick with these adorable little gacha collectibles.

We already know that Pikachu is capable of dressing like a ghost, because we have one very compelling piece of evidence — a ghost as Pikachu:

Mimikyu anime
Image: Pokémon

That's an easy costume for you, Pikachu! You just dress like someone else dressing like you! It's the last-minute Halloween costume of your dreams!

But no, according to Takura Tomy's new Halloween gacha collection, apparently this is what Pikachu as a ghost looks like:

Pokémon gacha collection Halloween 2021
Image: Pokémon

What happened, Pika? You look less like a ghost, and more like an umbrella. Then again, in Japanese myth, umbrellas can be pretty scary, too.

The other two figurines — a Sobble and a Toxel, with lil Jack O' Lanterns — are much lazier when it comes to costumes, both wearing nothing but a tiny witch's hat. Honestly, that's a big mood — we approve of lazy Halloween costumes, having spent way too much time in our youth putting together elaborate outfits only to stand out at a party because everyone else is just dressed normally. 😢

The Halloween figurines from last year were a little bit simpler, starring Pikachu (again), Morpeko, and Yamper with pumpkins:

Pokémon gacha collection Halloween 2020
Image: Pokémon

And the year before, where Pikachu had a much better idea of what ghosts look like, but seemed to get the mixed up with zombies all the same:

Pokémon gacha collection Halloween 2019
Image: Pokémon

We'll admit, the lil statuettes are very cute. We probably won't be getting one, since we already have enough tiny plastic Pokémon tat on our desk don't want to pay import fees from Japan, but if you want them, they're only 200 yen each, and should release some time this month.

[source takaratomy-arts.co.jp]