Steam Deck
Image: Nintendo / Valve

Last month, after some rumours, Valve officially unveiled the Steam Deck - a new Switch-style handheld gaming system.

IGN got exclusive access to the tech originally, but now Valve has opened up "hands-on" play sessions to many other media outlets. It's resulted in the usual comparisons you would expect whenever new hardware is released.

Sean Hollister from The Verge has posted a side-by-side comparison of Valve's new system next to Nintendo's hybrid handheld, and as you might expect - the Steam Deck is a lot chunkier than the Switch. Hollister himself notes how it's "ginormous" compared to Nintendo's system.

Of course, the comparisons haven't stopped there. Giant Bomb video producer, Jan Ochoa, went a bit further with a photo of the Steam Deck alongside not only the Switch but also a Sega Game Gear, PlayStation Vita and Nintendo's classic system, the Game Boy Advance.

Unfortunately, there are no side-by-side comparisons of the Switch OLED next to the Steam Deck just yet, as Nintendo's revised model is not out until October. However, we do have the dimensions of both systems. Each device will include a 7-inch screen.

Switch OLED: 239mm x 102mm x 28.7mm
Steam Deck: 298mm x 117mm x 49mm

Valve's Steam Deck is available to reserve now in select regions and will begin shipping in December 2021.

What do you think of the Steam Deck compared to the size of the Switch? How about those other portables on display? Is it the size you expected it to be? Leave your thoughts down below.