Image: sakisbig25, Reddit

Console decals and fancy thumb grips for your controllers are all the rage these days, but here's a homemade accessory that's a little different – and much cooler.

Reddit user sakisbig25 has shared photos of their attempt at a headphone jack cover for their Nintendo Switch, keeping away any dust and dirt in style. We'll admit, we don't often see jack covers designed especially for the Switch, but we're pretty confident that this design would blow most others out of the water anyway.

"So I've had this idea about a simple cover for the headphone jack that looks like a Game Boy cart inserted on the Switch," sakisbig25 says. "You can also print a sticker with the game you are currently playing."

You can see that more closely in the images below. Note that the Game Boy cartridge (which sits over the Switch's actual cartridge slot) currently has a custom Zelda: Breath of the Wild sticker attached, and could easily be swapped for something else to offer a complete nostalgic overload while playing your favourite games.

The cover was 3D printed, and if you just so happen to have access to a 3D printed yourself, you can grab the necessary files to print your own headphone jack cover here. Just make sure you don't accidentally snap it and get plastic stuck in the jack – you've been warned!

A neat homemade effort though, huh? Feel free to share your thoughts on it in the comments below.

[source reddit.com]