Back in 2020, a game called Not Tonight: Take Back Control Edition launched on the Nintendo Switch — on the exact date that the UK left the European Union, in fact. ("Brexit", as it's more commonly known). The game was a satirical take on British politics set in a post-Brexit alternate universe; you play a bouncer whose job it is to examine people's ID, Papers Please-style, in order to figure out whether or not they should be let in.

Following the success of the first game, UK publisher No More Robots and developer PanicBarn have announced a sequel, Not Tonight 2, and this time it's set across the pond. Here's how it's described in the official PR blurb:

"Not Tonight 2 explores an alternative, defective America, where capitalism and political greed have taken center stage, and democracy is a thing of the past. Written and brought to life by a team of POC writers and artists, this US road trip explores every festering orifice of this Land of Liberty."

The London-based team made sure to hire American writers for this new satire, with the game set to include references to a whole bunch of political hot potatoes: religion, individual freedoms, deportation, border walls, Canada, cults, and KFC. No More Robots have already called it their "most political game yet", with the story centering around three people trying to stop their friend Eduardo from being deported by the "fascist Martyrs regime".

"Immigration Enforcement Case #112: You are under arrest. Unless your friends can cross a broken America, retrieve your identifying documents and stay out of trouble... this is the end of the American dream for you."

The original Not Tonight attracted nearly 400,000 players — a considerable success for the indie team and one which informed their decision to line up a new target for their political satire in a sequel.

Not Tonight 2 will launch later this year, although particular platforms have not yet been confirmed.

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