Image: Danilo Dias / JoyMasher

Depending on how you use it, Twitter timelines can be full of GIFs and clips of in-development game projects, some of which are immediately eye-catching. That's the case with Moonrider, for which a 50 second video was posted by its creator Danilo Dias.

First up, here is the video and the story background that Dias has shared recently.

Moonrider is a mechanical mutant weapon. He was made by a facist state who use him and the other "guardians"as a weapon of the state.

After a[n] accident he wakes up and decide to eliminate the fascist state and restore the power to people.

As the moon cover[s] the sun, the dark hero shall rise and destroy the oppression.

The hero will take down the Asura's Fleet in order to save a country.

Danilo Dias is a co-founder of JoyMasher (alongside Thais Weiller), the studio that Switch gamers may know best for the brilliant Blazing Chrome, which was a pitch-perfect homage and progression of the 16-bit Contra era. Understandably the possibility of a Strider / Shinobi-style project from the same team is exciting.

Intriguingly this started out as a side-project for Dias. Way back in January 2017 he posted initial progress on the forum, with an early version of stage 1-1 completed at that time.

It now seems to be a fully-fledged project in the JoyMasher team. On the studio's own YouTube channel, which seems to be mostly used for in-progress videos as opposed to trailers and promotion, there are multiple videos of Moonrider in the form of stage previews and soundtrack clips. Twitter is the source of many updates, another recent one below along with some older stage videos.

It looks like another fun project from the JoyMasher team. Naturally we love the idea of experiencing this title on Switch, but we'll continue to track updates and progress from the development team. If this wasn't on your radar before now, we reckon it should be.

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