Pixel art, timeloops, and the ability to make the screen look like a CRT monitor: these are all excellent reasons to enjoy things, and Loop Hero has all three.

Set in a world where everything has been forgotten, and almost all is lost, players will be cursed to walk around a procedurally-generated loop, which fills with monsters as the days pass. By placing down cards — Vampire Mansion, Ruins, Mountain, that kind of thing — you can influence what appears, and how many threats you have to deal with. Some cards help; others are risk vs reward.

Loop Hero

Just make sure you have enough energy to kill the boss at the end, or you'll lose most of the resources you gathered along the way — you need those to upgrade your camp, the only thing that isn't trapped in the timeloop.

Loop Hero is coming to the Switch this Holiday season, which is excellent news if you want to play it soon, although we do feel like it was a missed opportunity not to release it on Groundhog Day.

Loop Hero

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