Dying Light
Image: Techland

In what was one of the most off-the-cuff major announcements we can remember, Techland concluded a Gamescom show talking about Dying Light 2 by confirming that Dying Light Platinum Edition is coming to the Switch.

Dying Light's first-person sandbox zombie-killing action won plenty over on other systems, helped by the fact you can jump into co-op with buddies online. It eventually had a Platinum Edition on PS4 and Xbox One that included all of the DLC; that's the iteration seemingly being ported to Switch. [Updated at 20:35 to correct errors about past versions of the game]

It'll have a tasty physical edition, too, which you can see below.

Dying Light Switch
Image: Techland

A single playthrough of Dying Light Platinum Edition will provide fans with over 100 hours of single-player gameplay and countless additional adventures when playing with friends and exploring the world in co-op mode. The physical release of the Platinum Edition on Nintendo Switch will contain:

- Switch game card with Dying Light
- Survival guide - containing the most important tips & tricks on how to survive in the restricted zone
- Two-sided map
- Unique stickers

No release date or even window has been given as yet, but hopefully that will come soon.

Are you excited about Dying Light coming to the Switch?