The days of Rock Band and Guitar Hero may be gone, though Harmonix is still working in the genre with interesting results in Fuser, but a download title on Switch eShop will aim to blend that rhythm gameplay with, well, producing a good rhythm.

Drum Box - from Sanuk Games - adopts the scrolling bar approach we know from Guitar Hero et-al but has a slightly different focus. There are no plastic instruments of course, but rather you follow button prompts as accurately as possible; we can see that, with a pair of headphones and being in the right mood, this could be quite addictive.

Unsurprisingly there are no high-profile music tracks, but it does promise multiple modes and a decent amount of content; some of the official details are below:

- Play the drum parts of 8 music genres: Reggae, Rock, Blues, Hip Hop, Metal, Jazz, Funk, Salsa
- Popular backing tracks from “Drum! Drum! Drum!” - the most renowned provider of backing tracks for drummers on Youtube (
- 3 levels of difficulty to unlock.
- A training mode to learn and practice the different patterns.
- A performance mode where you can challenge yourself. Build combos, beat your own score and earn medals!
- A freestyle mode for you to drum to your own beat, with 8 different drum kits.

The game is currently in the approval stage for the eShop so may not be too far away. Will you be tempted to check this out?