Perhaps not traditional E3 fare, but Cruis'n Blast nevertheless made its mark during Nintendo's E3 Direct, confirming release details for the arcade title's Switch conversion - if you need the reminder it arrives on 14th September.

Developer Raw Thrills, Inc. has now released a rather fun new trailer for the arcade retro-inspired racer, in this case showing off a few of its 29 tracks. As you can see above, and in homage to the classic '90s arcade style, the tracks are full of bright colours, cool jumps and all sorts of craziness.

In case you missed it this is a console version of a 2017 arcade machine. The Switch version will feature "4-player local network or multiplayer split-screen and 23 larger-than-life vehicles", as well.

Let us know what you think of these tracks, and is this one on your wishlist?