We discussed Tamagotchi's impact 5 years ago, when the virtual pet brand turned 20. Now, with the 25th anniversary upon us, Bandai is producing another new Tamagotchi-related product: a smartwatch.

The 'Tamagotchi Smart' has a colour touchscreen and includes a microphone, so you can talk and touch your virtual pet. It launches in Japan on November 23rd.

There are ten different beasts to choose from within the watch, including Mametchi, Poptchi, Awamokotchi, Kuchipatchi, Gaogaltchi, Pyueltchi, Wawatchi, Tuyoputchi, Milktchi, and Karapatchi, and you'll be able to buy plug-in 'TamaSma Cards' for 1,100 Yen each, which offer new items, accessories and minigames you can load onto the device.

Wireless transfer between Tamagotchi Smart units is possible, so you can send your pet to your friend's watch, and vice versa. Outside of raising a pet, the Tamagotchi Smart also doubles as a traditional watch and includes a pedometer for tracking your step count throughout the day – but it doesn't seem to offer any connectivity with your smartphone.

The Tamagotchi Smart comes in two colours – Mint Blue and Coral Pink – and will cost 6,380 Yen. A third variant is being offered to officially mark Tamagotchi 25th anniversary, which costs 7,480 Yen and can only be purchased via a lottery.

There's no word on a western release for the Tamagotchi Smart, but given the popularity of the Tamagotchi brand, we'd imagine it's on the cards for 2022.

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