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Image: Games Done Quick

The Games Done Quick events are at the forefront of speedrun culture and also raise incredible amounts of money. Last week brought us Summer Games Done Quick 2021, which was once again run virtually with money raised going to Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders.

A full week of 24 hours streams naturally had a whole lot of iconic games involved, including all sorts of Nintendo classics. There was a Super Metroid race, as always, and the full line-up of runs is archived over on the Games Done Quick YouTube channel.

One session we rather enjoyed was a rather cute and unlikely speedrun of Nintendogs, even if the lovable virtual pup had some brief struggles.

As always the key legacy of these events is their outstanding fundraising, and the closing total was set at $2,904,585.35, from over 40,000 donations. That's the highest amount that the organisation has raised in its online-only events over the past year - an incredible achievement.

Be sure to check out the archive of runs and share your favourite moments in the comments!