Glass Bottom Games has announced that SkateBIRD, which you might remember from its appearance in a Nintendo Indie World Showcase back in 2019, will now launch a little later than planned.

After initially being delayed to 12th August this year, the game will now land on Switch and all other platforms simultaneously on 16th September. The pushback will supposedly enable the team to add "a range of updates and polish, including mission objective refinements, UI and sound improvements, a camera overhaul, and more."

Megan Fox, founder of Glass Bottom Games, says:

"This wasn’t an easy decision. But SkateBIRD was always a game about doing your best, and we owe it to our backers, fans, and fellow bird enthusiasts to ship the game in its best state. As a small indie studio, completing certification on multiple platforms requires plenty of extra work. Launching on Sept. 16, 2021 lets us ramp up our efforts to ensure SkateBIRD comes to PC and consoles on the same day!"

There's good news too, however. Alongside the announcement of the delay, Glass Bottom Games has confirmed that the title will receive post-launch support, including a 'Pet The Bird' mode and a Skate Heaven stage.

The game will be available for $19.99 when it arrives on Switch on 16th September.