Earlier this week The Pokémon Company made a Japan-only Pokémon x Nature x Adventure tease, which showed traditional crafting in a beautiful setting. As you can see in the video above it's now been updated with the project's real name - Pokémon Wonder.

This is a new attraction that'll launch at Yomiuriland, an amusement park in Inaki City, Tokyo. From 17th July to 3rd April next year eager fans will be able to book a 90 minute slot for up to six people to participate in a 'nature adventure'.

Taking place in a natural area previously inaccessible via the park, attendees will have an 'orientation' and then be given a series of clues. Moving through each area wannabe Pokémon masters need to look for trails and try to spot hidden pocket monsters; as shown in the teaser video and in the images below these have been constructed in varied ways to blend naturally into the environment.

If you happen to be near Tokyo it may be worth checking this out; bookings are already being taken.

Let us know what you think of this in the comments; would you like to see similar experiences rolled out around the world?

[source wonder.pokemon.jp, via famitsu.com]