Skyward Sword Bomb Bag - My Nintendo

Celebrating the recent release of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD, Nintendo Australia has launched a new, and very cute, item on the My Nintendo store.

Fans across Australia and New Zealand can now get their hands on a drawstring bag inspired by Link's Bomb Bag item in the game. It's available for just 500 Platinum Points plus shipping, and our primarily UK-based team is very jealous indeed.

Designed for storing small items "such as dice, coins, and more," the bag features the Bomb Flower design on the front and emblem on the base. It's made of polyester, and measures in at 170mm wide x 250mm high.

Shipping from the My Nintendo Store in Australia usually costs $7.95 AUD, but you can order other merchandise from the store and throw the bag in as an extra item if you like.

The bag hasn't yet been announced for My Nintendo stores in other regions, so let's all pray to the Goddess Hylia that it soon finds its way overseas.

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