Castlevania Netflix Crew
Image: Netflix

Anime and animations inspired by that Japanese output have had global fans for years, though with the rise of streaming we've seen more viewers discover the medium. In more recent times Netflix has been jumping on board to bring even more mainstream attention, with Castlevania being its first exclusive run and a particular highlight - it's been hugely popular across four seasons and there is a new series on the way.

The company behind that series, Powerhouse Animation Studios, has now inked a deal to strengthen its partnership with Netflix (via Deadline). It's a non-exclusive 'first-look' deal, typical of an arrangement that Netflix has with assorted other production studios; in practice it's likely to lead to most of the studio's output continuing to find its way to Netflix.

In addition to another Castlevania season, Powerhouse Animation Studios is also working on projects like Masters of the Universe: Revelation, while also collaborating on Tomb Raider and Skull Island shows.

Brad Graeber, Chief Creative and Chief Executive Officer at Powerhouse, is quoted as follows on the deal:

Netflix is changing the animation industry, and Powerhouse Animation is proud to be a part of that change. At Powerhouse, our talented team is motivated to create content that breaks down old barriers that confined animation to a genre instead of a medium.

It's another notable deal as Netflix continues to seek streaming dominance against rivals like Disney+ and Amazon Prime TV. Let us know what you think in the comments.