While it's a relatively niche series, especially in the West, Valkyria Chronicles has a dedicated fanbase. With the original and Valkyria Chronicles 4 - which story-wise is around the same timeline as the first game - both available on Nintendo Switch, meanwhile, we've been able to enjoy this quirky take on turn-based strategy/combat.

Anyone unconvinced in Japan, or those that have a valid Nintendo Switch Online account for the country, will have the chance to try out the first game in a Trial from next week, between 5th - 11th July. After the trial concludes both the original and 4 will be discounted by a third on the Japanese eShop.

We're certainly fans of both games, though presumably due to porting challenges the newer title actually performs better on the Switch; that said, considering the genre you can certainly enjoy the original despite some occasionally choppy frames.

Of course, the game trials in Japan don't always sync up with Western markets, as highlighted in the comments - this writer missed it initially - Fuser arrives this week on Nintendo Switch Online in North America and Europe.

Would you like Valkyria Chronicles to get a Nintendo Switch Online trial outside of Japan? Let us know in the comments!