My Neighbor Totoro

Shigesato Itoi is a name that Nintendo fans will forever be familiar with, and you may well have enjoyed some of his finest work, but we dare say there'll be a few people out there who had no idea about this particular role of his.

You'll likely know Itoi as the creator of the Mother series (known as EarthBound here in the west); he was the lead designer on the original game, and went on to serve as producer, director, and writer for EarthBound on SNES.

As it turns out, though, he also took on a voice acting role for none other than Studio Ghibli, voicing Mei and Satsuki's dad in the hugely popular and hugely successful animated classic, My Neighbor Totoro.

A quick look through the replies to Studio Ghibli's tweet shows that plenty of fans had no idea – and we're not ashamed to admit that we'd never stumbled across this juicy little fact either.

Did you already know this? If not, at least you now have a new way to show off and sound wise beyond your years in front of your friends. You're welcome.

Did you know Shigesato Itoi starred in My Neighbor Totoro?