Last June, The Pokémon Company launched a new series of animations called 'PokéToon', reminding us of old classics like Warner Bros.' Looney Tunes. The first show starred Scraggy and Mimikyu, and seemed to go down really well with fans.

Now, the series has returned with a new, longer animation starring Pancham (thanks, link3710). It boasts a different animation style to the first release and follows Pancham's story as it tries to overcome its troubles to become a hero. The video is featured on Pokémon Kids TV, a YouTube channel that produces all different types of animated videos for younger viewers, and can be viewed in full up above.

The whole thing's in Japanese – what with it being released on a Japanese channel, and all – but you can get a decent idea of what's going on by using YouTube's auto-translate subtitle function.

Watched it? What did you think? Let us know if you'd be up for more animations like this in the comments below.