Focus Home Interactive has shared another deep look at Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Storm Ground ahead of this week's launch.

Following on from last month's gameplay overview video, this latest clip features game director Jeff Lydell and design director Ian Christy as they explore some of the strategic options you'll be able to check out in the game. There's over 15 minutes of footage to enjoy, so get yourself comfy and give it a good watch (up above).

"Every unit at your command can be used in a variety of ways in Storm Ground’s battles and can be customized to fit your favourite playstyle. Before each battle, choose between unique weapons, armour, spells and passive abilities to equip your units with and create your own synergies, thanks to over 500 items available for you to collect."

Remember, Storm Ground launches on Switch this Thursday, 27th May, and will feature crossplay multiplayer support with other platforms.

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