It wasn't long ago that we were shown an extended overview trailer for Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Storm Ground, which arrives on 27th May on Switch eShop and a variety of other platforms. It's a turn-based strategic combat title that looks rather promising, while tapping into the lore of the hugely popular IP.

As that overview trailer from above shows, there are multiple paths and approaches for solo campaign runs, but the most recent news from Focus Home Interactive is focused on the online multiplayer battles. It's been confirmed that crossplay will be supported across all launch platforms, which should make it much easier to find games; as it's turn-based there'll be no real disadvantage based on hardware, either.

That crossplay will work on Switch, PS4, Xbox One and Steam (and this'll likely include PS5 / Xbox Series X|S players through their backward compatibility, too).

It's out next week at $39.99USD on the eShop, are you planning to pick it up?