Doom Eternal Labo
Image: Mr Tiffles!

Nintendo's upcoming DIY game maker Game Builder Garage will enable Switch owners to create their own rudimentary games using easy-to-learn node-based tools that originally debuted as part of the Nintendo Labo series. We say 'rudimentary' mainly because that's the kindest adjective to describe our own efforts playing around with Nintendo's neat visual programming suite, but obviously the internet is filled with incredible creators who make the tools do mightily impressive things.

The latest creation to emerge from Nintendo's charming toolset is a Labo VR interpretation of the stellar mechanics and movement of first-person shooter DOOM Eternal (thanks, Comicbook).

Creator Mr Tiffles! has form when it comes to recreating complex gameplay in Nintendo's DIY game maker; they've had a go at replicating the mechanics of titles such as Superhot and Beat Saber in the past, not to mention a brilliant Force-pull lightsaber playbox, but this latest effort is on a whole other level.

Nintendo itself has released a series of simple mini-games to demonstrate what can be achieved, but this new homemade version of one of the previous console generation's best first-person shooters blows away everything we've seen until now. While this creation might be lacking some graphical niceties (you won't find any demon guts or entrails here), the way it captures the feel of DOOM Eternal's weapons and movement is really quite something β€” check it out below:

As you can see, the video begins with a sneak peak at the complex node network powering this Labo version of id Software's ultraviolent epic. In addition to replicating the game's movement and some of its satisfyingly chunky weaponry (including the evergreen shotgun and exploding barrels to play with), Mr Tiffles has also recreated some of Mick Gordon's soundtrack to boot.

It really is an incredible effort and we're itching to see more. GameXplain recently chatted to the creator about the work that's gone into this β€” we highly recommend checking out their interview with Mr Tiffles and taking a look at more test footage if the video above whets your appetite.

Best of all, the creator teases that they'll be bringing it to Game Builder Garage, too, so this amazing work will live on and be expanded as they explore the upcoming game and its (presumably) expanded toolset. The new game releases on 11th June, so not long to wait to see what we can create. Maybe we'll have a crack at Cyberpunk or something. Looks easy, right?

Who needs Switch Pro, eh? Reckon you could recreate something like this in Game Builder Garage? Still got your Labo VR set knocking around, or did it get ripped and torn long ago? Let us know below.