Sonic Lost World

Well, this is unexpected! Following on from yesterday's touching trailer accompanying the announcement of a 30th anniversary Sonic stream to be broadcast tomorrow, it seems that the character's erstwhile voice actor (in the games, that is) is returning to lend his vocal talents to the hedgehog's upcoming game projects.

That Roger Craig Smith is slipping the red sneakers back on might come as something of a surprise considering he only announced his departure from the series back in January this year. The performer has a sizeable list of video game credits and seemingly no shortage of job offers, but his retirement here came after a decade of voicing everyone's favourite blue video game character (yeah, take that, Mega Man!) and some fans were taken aback by the news.

Having provided the VO for yesterday's trailer (seriously, if you haven't watched it yet and you've got the slightest sliver of nostalgia for Sega's speedy mascot, prepare to be hit squarely in the feels), the voice actor broke the news of his surprise return on Twitter with a picture of a broken blue heart all sewn back together and mended:

The reason for his original departure was never officially confirmed, and he had reached out to fans thanking them for their support. There were rumours that Sega was in talks with Sonic's voice actor from the Dreamcast era about a potential return, although it would seem that that's off the cards now. Unless we're looking at some timey-wimey metaverse meeting of all the Sonics, perhaps?...

Let's not get ahead of ourselves! We'll surely get answers tomorrow as to what Sega has in store for the fastest thing alive — be sure to check out the stream and watch along live with us tomorrow at 9am PT / 12pm ET / 5pm BST / 6pm CET.

So did his replacement not work out or something? Was this the plan all along? Let us know below how you feel about RCS' unexpected return as Sonic.