Listen, we're well aware that big companies like to do odd promotional stunts to gain attention – who could forget Jedward starring in Nintendo commercials? – but the latest campaign by The Pokémon Company's UK arm really has us scratching our heads.

It has enlisted the aid of the England Football Team to create the 'Pokémon Trading Card Game Kick Up Challenge,' and the first player to take part is Manchester United star Jesse Lingard (currently on loan to West Ham United).

The challenge is simple; the player has to keep the ball in the air for as long as possible whilst opening packs of Pokémon cards and clearly showing them to the camera for identification. As you can see, Lingard does pretty well and sets a score of 98 kick-ups with 12 cards pulled.

Manchester City's John Stones and Phil Foden are the other players taking part – can they beat Lingard's score? I bet you can't wait to find out, right?