Pokémon Emerald

Remember the social media experiment Twitch Plays Pokémon? Last year it was followed up by Twitter playing Pokémon Red inside someone's avatar on Twitter.

Now, the same mastermind behind the Twitter experiment is back, this time with a Discord bot that allows Pokémon fans from around the world to play the Generation III game, Pokémon Emerald, together.

Yep, the same programmer Constantin Liétard (@screenshakes) is back, with a brand-new creation. As of the latest update, the Discord chat has made it up to Mauville City. Inputs this time around are simple button presses.

The current party line-up is comprised of Shroomish, Marshtomp, Sableye, Ralts, Taillow and a Whismur:

We promise you, we won't be covering the whole thing this time around, but if there are any significant milestones such as a Gym victory or Discord successfully manages to beat the entire game, we probably will give you an update.

To participate, you can join the Discord channel promoted in the tweet above. Will you be keeping tabs on this? Would you one day like to see the return of the GBA title Pokémon Emerald? Leave a comment down below.