New Pokemon Snap

New Pokémon Snap has been available in the wild for almost a month now, and early adopters are starting to complete their Photodex missions by getting wonderful shots of every monster in the game. It's a great feat – congratulations if you've achieved it yourself – but there's one way to make the experience even sweeter.

You see, completing the Photodex in-game is one thing, but what about having a real-life, physical album of all your best shots? Well, that's exactly what games writer Meg Bethany Koepp has done – and it looks fantastic.

To do this, Meg used the instax Nintendo Switch app, which can couple up with an instax mini printer to print out any screenshot of your choosing. We recently shared a hands-on look at how the printer works, comparing it to the classic Game Boy Printer for good measure.

Anyone else getting a sudden urge to steal this idea and create their very own album? Looks like we need to up our game...