18-year old artist Foozhochii (AKA Yousuf Hasan) drew every single Pokémon in a week. You know what we got done last week? A lot less than that. But we can't be too bitter, because daaaamn. Just look at it:

Foozhochii's Every Pokemon Ever
Image: Yousuf Hasan/Foozhochii

As a reminder, there are 898 Pokémon in existence at the time of writing, and Foozhochii would have to draw each one of those while making sure there was enough room on the canvas for all the rest. But that was far from the only challenge: it turns out that 898 Pokémon drawings and over a thousand layers in one file will make your computer very, very upset. At one point, he says, "I couldn't do anything without [Clip Studio] freezing up on me... so I had to improvise."

In the end, he decided to split the Pokémon into three chunks, and colour them after outlining them all. And it worked! His piece, which he posted on Twitter, currently has over 80,000 likes and 15,000 retweets, and Foozhochii has put up a print of the finished piece for sale.

A Close Up of the "Every Pokémon Ever"
A close-up on some of the individual Pokémon — Image: Yousuf Hasan/Foozhochii

If you want to check out the really-really high resolution version, you can find it here!

Did you find your Pokéfavourite? Let us know in the comments!

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