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Image: Pokémon / Original Stitch

It's a major anniversary year for Pokémon, which means a whole lot of merchandise and animated shows to enjoy. Some of the 'merch' - as those Tik-Tok people might say, erm, right? - goes for the classy approach, so that you can show your love for Pokémon while posing photogenically by a beach.

That's the case with limited edition 25th Anniversary Polo shirts from Original Stitch, which are the latest in the company's Poké-themed clothes. In a press release that uses the word 'polo' a lot, it says the following.

Original Stitch and The Pokémon Company today announced the launch of the limited-edition polo in celebration of Pokémon’s 25th anniversary, along with new buttons, fabrics and embroidery customizations across its entire polo line.

The limited-edition 25th anniversary polo features Silver Poké Ball buttons and a 25th anniversary tag. Pokémon fans can customize their 25th anniversary polo with eight new fabrics and 21 new embroidery options, which includes the partner Pokémon from each known region in the Pokémon world. The limited-edition 25th anniversary polo is only available until December 31, 2021.

The limited-edition 25th anniversary polo arrives as Pokémon Shirts, a customized shirt service from Original Stitch, updates the polo line it launched in June 2020. It also comes on the heels of recently released product offerings, including shirts, masks, bandanas, and aprons, and a broader range of fabrics, featuring Pokémon originally discovered in the Hoenn region.

These aren't your typical '3-for-£10' polo shirts that most of us wear, no-siree, they are customisable. You can choose from 'three new buttons, eight new fabrics, and 21 new embroidery options'.

They look nice by polo standards, you can see the full range over on pokemon.originalstitch.com.

Will you be buying some of these to pose in with your friends?