Image: Pixmain

Nintendo's Indie Showcase included a range of intriguing titles, and pleasingly there was creativity on show not just in concepts but in visual styles. Labyrinth City: Pierre the Maze Detective was definitely eye-catching, and with a 'Spring' release window on the eShop it's not far away.

It's based on the children's book series 'Pierre the Maze Detective', and a fun touch is that each area is based on a double page illustration from the books. It's an exploration puzzle game, as you find objects, interact with the world and piece together clues while trying to work your way through the labyrinth.

The two videos below, one from the game's previous announcement for PC and one from the Japanese Nintendo channel, show how some of the gameplay will work.

It looks impressive, and could be a nice 'chill-out' game on the system. Will you be keeping an eye on this ahead of release?