As you might recall, racing game specialist Milestone Entertainment is bringing Hot Wheels Unleashed to all modern gaming platforms - including the Nintendo Switch - this September.

When this title was originally unveiled, fans got a look at an announcement trailer with cinematic footage and nothing more. Of course, this had many worried about what the gameplay would actually look like when it was finally revealed.

Well, today that day has arrived, and we're pleased to say - it just might be everything we hoped it would be. The handling of each vehicle doesn't look too bad, either.

Milestone has also mentioned how this is just the first environment reveal and there's "much more" to come:

"The first official #HotWheelsUnleashed Gameplay Trailer is out! Discover how to race in a dark, rusty, and vintage Garage, and stay tuned, because this is just the first environment unveiled. Much more has to come!"

As noted in the trailer above, this is pre-alpha footage. We're also yet to see direct Switch footage, so we still need to find out how this version compares to the rest.

Hot Wheels Unleashed

What are your initial impressions of the gameplay in Hot Wheels Unleashed based on the new trailer? Tell us down below.