Sky Children Of The Light
Image: thatgamecompany

thatgamecompany is a studio that is rightly held in the highest regard, with titles like Flower and particularly Journey being stand-out releases. For a time it worked solely on PlayStation platforms, but after going its own way it released Sky: Children of the Light on iOS and Android; pleasingly that experience is coming to Nintendo Switch in June.

It's a game that combines exploration and story for solo players with online interactions, an expansion on an approach we also saw in Journey. There are 7 realms to explore to 'uncover the mystery', but meeting others will also allow you to tackle more areas when teaming up; based on many user reviews it's beautifully handled.

You can get a feel for the gameplay in the Android launch trailer and also the trailer for the latest 'season' below.

It's a free-to-start game, with regular 'adventure seasons' released, along with some events that have been designed to raise money for charities such as Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF).

We're fascinated to see how this'll turn out on Nintendo Switch; will you try it out?