Image: Nintendo Life

Back in 2020, Nintendo took legal action against Le Hoang Minh – a Vietnamese citizen trading on Amazon under the name Winmart – to prevent the sale of RCM Loaders, which use special software to hack the console and permit the running of unlicensed code, as well as pirated games. It has now been confirmed that Nintendo has obtained an injunction against Winmart.

The judgment was handed down by the US District Court for the Western District of Washington on April 15th, and means that Winmart is now prohibited from selling such devices – or similar products designed with the aim of “circumventing the technological security measures for Nintendo’s consoles” – in the US.

Nintendo also claims that Winmart “abused” the Digital Millennium Copyright Act in order to keep selling the devices on Amazon. Amazon had temporarily removed the devices after Nintendo filed a copyright infringement notice, but Winmart responded by submitting a DMCA counternotification which claimed the removal have been a mistake. Nintendo's stance is that it had no other option but to take legal action against Winmart in order to prevent the RCM Loaders from being listed on the digital store again.

This follows news that Nintendo is also taking legal action against Gary Bowser, one of the supposed leaders of the piracy group Team Xecuter. Last year, the company also won a $2 million lawsuit against Uberchips.com and its owner, Tom Dilts Jr., who was accused of selling tools that enable customers to play pirated games on their Switch consoles.

[source worldipreview.com]