LEGO Mario Nintendo
Image: Nintendo / LEGO

As someone who once just had a lot of LEGO bricks in an empty tin, this author is surprised to hear that LEGO now has firmware updates. And the updates are being used to generate viral marketing through social media. We're through the looking glass here people.

In any case, it seems 99.99% likely that Luigi will be joining the LEGO Super Mario range at some point. First of all, the most recent firmware update for Mario now has him calling out for Luigi, as captured by @AyliffeMakit.

LEGO then issued a no-doubt carefully planned reply to someone on Facebook that was asking about it.

Now that's a very creative way to get his missing brother. We did notice that Lego Mario has started calling for him, we're looking into it and hope to have clarity on why this is soon. Stay tuned!

It's very clever marketing, and with the range proving to be hugely popular we can realistically expect all sorts of expansions and additions in the future.

Would you pick up Luigi LEGO set?