Borderlands 3
Image: Gearbox

Publishing giant Take-Two Interactive Software has been a relatively eager supporter of Nintendo Switch, at least once the hardware became the hottest selling console on the market. One of its releases on the system was Borderlands Legendary Collection, which included the first two numbered games and The Pre-Sequel; that's three full games and plenty to get stuck into.

Borderlands 3, however, is a different beast; as the most recent entry in the series it'll naturally be the most challenging to port to the hybrid console. However, a PEGI rating for Borderlands 3: Director's Cut (hat-tip to Stealth40K for the spot), suggests an upcoming Switch version.

There are a couple of oddities with this, however. The name may suggest a complete edition of the game with all DLCs, but this is Gearbox and Borderlands, so it's actually just the second part of the game's second season pass. It adds a bunch of content and fixes for the existing versions, but that's it. You may also notice the oddity in the rating that says it's out today for Switch, which clearly isn't accurate; that could be an admin error with the ratings submission.

This could be an indication that some sort of edition of Borderlands 3 is heading to Switch in the future, and would no doubt be pushed by Nintendo itself as quite a big deal. Or it could be a slip of the mouse cursor when Gearbox was applying for an age rating on the DLC.

It certainly makes sense for Gearbox and Take Two to push the boat out and port Borderlands 3 to Switch, albeit that'll be a fair technical challenge. We'll just have to wait and see if it emerges.