Boy, if you like lawnmowers, last week was a real doozy. The Switch was blessed with not one but two games based on the act of cutting sweet, sweet grass – Lawnmower Game: Next Generation and Lawnmower Game: Racing – both from those kind folks at Ultimate Games.

The first has a "very positive" rating on Steam, it says here, while the second has a "positive" rating. Surely the PC Master Race can't be wrong, right?

"In Lanwmower [sic] game you drive lawnmower and cut grass in a big open world which contain grass, houses and other obstacles," says the press release for the former title. "Drive lawnmower in open world and cut every cuttable grass right in front of you. After cutting all grass, it will respawn - the game loop is endless. Lawnmower has also fuel consumptio [sic] mechanics. Pick-up Jerry cans and add fuel. If you run out of fuel you will respawn at the starting location." Okay, we guess?

Of course, we simply had to give these games a spin and quickly enlisted Jon to create a video. He still hasn't stopped laughing.

Are these the two worst games on Switch? Watch the video above and see what you think – and if you're still interested, we might have a review of one of these delicious games coming in the future...