We're only on our third month of 2021, and we've already got Harvest Moon: One World, Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town, Littlewood, and a massive Stardew Valley Update... but fans of the farming simulation genre always want more.

Coral Island is far from the first farm-type game to hit the bigtime on funding platform Kickstarter - Ova Magica finished its campaign with all stretch goals met just last week, and Littlewood - which we rated highly - was brought to life thanks to the $82k donated by its supporters.

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But Coral Island didn't just hit its goal of $70k. It didn't even just hit all of its stretch goals. The Kickstarter, which concluded earlier today, reached a final funding total of $1,639,338 - a 2341% increase on their initial ask. Farming games: they're kind of a big deal.

Like many games in the genre, Coral Island will let you farm, fish, and f... date one of 16 different characters, with no gender restrictions. Farm animals that you can raise include the usual chickens/cows/pigs/sheep, but also quails, llamas, and the luwak, a small lemur-like animal that's native to Indonesia, where Coral Island's studio is based.

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Unlike many games in the genre, Coral Island has a skill tree, which will unlock new techniques as you get better at farming. There are also community projects, pets, festivals, and even quests that open up new storylines, and the general plot of the game is to save the island from the menace of the Pufferfish Drilling Corp, who are looking for oil.

Worry not, farming fans: Coral Island is promised for Switch, since it met its console stretch goals back at $300k funded. The game has been in development since October 2019, and is currently slated for a late 2022 release, with Early Access at the end of 2021.

Is Coral Island your jam? Or have you been burned by farming game Kickstarters before? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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