Mario Music Switch Menu
We'll be honest – we just like any excuse to use an image of Music Toad.

All the little sounds that play when you're messing around in a console's menus might not seem all that important at first, until you realise just how much time you spend there. Maybe we're just strange, but we often find ourselves humming along to the familiar 'bleep bloop' of the Switch's menu as you jump in and out of your friends list – a noise that's strangely pleasing despite its simplicity.

It's probably no surprise, then, that taking all of these quirky little sounds and rearranging them into a recreation of the Super Mario theme results in quite the treat.

YouTube user tills chills has done exactly this, recording all the sound effects and jingles you hear when navigating the Switch's menu (like entering the eShop, hitting the 'News' button, going into the controller settings, etc), before pitch shifting or transposing them to recreate a tune we're all familiar with. You can hear the final product below:

It's pretty cool when it gets going, isn't it?

It's the sort of project that sounds like it would be ideal for a flashy presentation of the system's capabilities, or perhaps as countdown music for an E3 conference. We wouldn't mind a remix of the GameCube's excellent boot sequence to get us in the mood for future Directs...